Why Audio Drama Ratings?

The Mutual Audio Drama Network represents so many new companies and individuals who create plays and tales. Our massively curated archive is organized so that listeners of all ages and preferences can easily select shows that are appropriate for any occasion! Find the audio drama or podcast fiction that best suits your taste today!


AD- General Audience

Audio Drama that is rated G- for General Audience, is suitable for all ages and family-friendly


AD- Parental Guidance

Audio Drama rated PG, may include coarse language and violence. Parental Guidance is recommended.


AD- Parental Guidance 13

PG-13 Audio Drama can contain coarse language, sexual references and violence and are recommended that children under the age should listen with an adult.


AD- Restricted

Restricted rated Audio Drama is recommended for those older than 17 or 18 years of age and can include instances of violence or sexual situations.