About The Mutual Audio Network

The Mutual Audio Network is the prime curator for modern audio drama and podcast fiction on the Internet.

Audio Drama groups and creators come together from around the world to create a single spot where RSS Feeds join together to provide a plethora of audio delights..

Focused into multiple genres, the Mutual Audio Network gives listeners daily entertainment that they can select on their single feed. No longer needing to seek out new shows and subscribe to hidden RSS Feeds, the Mutual Audio Network provides as much audio drama and podcast fiction as you want. Is this an audio book? Is this a podcast? Or is this audio drama? You'll no longer need to ask. The Mutual Audio Drama Network promises only a wide variety of story in the audio dramatic and podcast fiction universe!


Are you an audio drama content creator who is frustrated about your audience size? Would you like a way to monetize your audio drama? Look no further. The Mutual Audio Network are united artists seeking to get our stories out to the world and to receive some economic benefit for our efforts.

Membership in the Mutual Audio Network takes three different forms. Look at the Partners section for more information on how you can become a member of the Mutual Audio Network!


Podcast Fiction (Podficts)
Podcast Fiction (Podficts) are serialized stories often told from a first person perspective and the most modernized form of the audio drama tale. The Modern Audio Drama has a wide variety of podficts to keep you glued to your headphones for the next installment!


Tales of Terror!
The Mutual Audio Network loves spine chilling drama! The Audio Drama medium is the scariest way to give you thrills of the supernatural or the criminal!


Holiday Vignettes and Features!
More listener favourites are the audio plays about the seasonals. Whether you enjoy Christmas shows, Halloween spooky tales, warm-hearted memories of Thanksgiving, or other special times of the year, we're celebrating with you on our monthly schedule!


Science Fiction and Fantasy!From a thousand maybe-worlds to dreams of the future, or memories of a past that never existed, The Mutual Audio Network showcases shows of vast landscapes imagination!